Garden the Second…

The second home garden we arrived at was smaller than the first and had some interesting garden art.












I really do admire people who have a garden vision and who bring it to fruition. My yard is more hit and miss. There are areas that are fuller and greener after a few years and new additions and we’re enjoying that. Have you made additions to your yard space that you enjoy?

8 thoughts on “Garden the Second…

  1. Oh I really like that leaf art tucked into the garden…wonder if they did that themselves with cement… Gardens that grow over time are very pretty to me and I can always find something in everyone’s garden to appreciate, but I am no gardener myself. I just do a little bit.

  2. I’m glad that you can take us on your garden tours. They are quaint. The kind I like, looking natural with a few hidden jewels. I can tell that you will enjoy the renos as you know how to enjoy a ‘Happy Hour’ at many different locations.

  3. My garden is definitely survival of the fittest. I do not have a green thumb and at all and, I find, I am very impatient and do not have a vision of what the garden would be like if I’d just leave it and let it grow. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve bought perennials planted them, and then pulled them up the next year because I wasn’t happy with what they were doing. Sigh.

  4. I love all the whimsical touches in this garden. I’m striving for the same thing in mine, but it’s slow going. My garden is a work in progress – no real vision, just what I like at the moment.

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