Brown Plate Special ~ Week 6

Well week six finds me in the state of Washington instead of California. So this morning I’ll be stepping on a different scale to weigh-in. Last week was my birthday so I had some out of the ordinary eating and celebrating patterns in my life. On Saturday about 3:30 A.M. I did this to my toe when I walked into my packed suitcase on my bedroom floor.

I had great plans to walk around the airport while I waited to board my plane. Didn’t happen. I thought I’d be walking when I got to Seattle. Not yet. I wasn’t able to put on my walking tennies. I think I’ll be able to walk tomorrow without any problem. So all this boo hoo hoo to say I won’t be surprised if I gained weight this week. So off I go for the moment of truth. Yep I’m up .8 lbs. today. (I’m weighing in and posting early because tomorrow’s St. Patrick’s Day and I have some extra posts for the day). I’m probably going to let my pedometer rest this week and concentrate on Holy Week.  I’ll be back to Brown Plate and Walking club totals the week after Easter Sunday. Blessings…

9 thoughts on “Brown Plate Special ~ Week 6

  1. Oh my Ellen. That looks painful. Did you break it? Well, I can say welcome to the “show your hurt Toe Club”. I was there last year. Hope it heals up fast!

  2. You earned yourself a boo hoo. You may start a new “show us your toes” meme.

    Did it turn to green today for St. Paddy’s Day?

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