Thursday Thirteen #14 ~ Poinsettias at Molbak’s

Did you know about all the different varieties of Poinsettias? I visited a local nursery and was amazed at all the beauties they have on display. Molbak’s is not only a wonderful nursery it is a tourist destination.  Here are 13 of the 19 varieties I counted at the nursery.

1. Peterstar White                                 2. Jester Red

3. Premium Lipstick                               4. Cortez Burgundy

5. Strawberries & Cream                        6. Merlot

7. Winter Rose – Dark Red                     8. Whitestar

9. Red Fox “Pink Cadillac”                      10. Silverstar Red

11. Da Vinci Pink                                       12. Snowcap White

13. Chianti Red                                     14. oops here’s a bonus, Mars Pink!

Here’s some more information about the history and cultivation of the Poinsettia

I’ll leave you with this Poinsettia Christmas Tree that is on display at Molbak’s Nursery in Woodinville, Washington

And FYI these plants are not poisonous. Click here to read about that.

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80 thoughts on “Thursday Thirteen #14 ~ Poinsettias at Molbak’s

  1. They’re beautiful! When we lived in Nepal, we saw poinsettias that grew as shrubs at least 8 feet tall. It was an amazing sight for me since I was used to seeing them only at Christmas, and in small pots.

  2. Oh, man! A Mars pink one — think it would be just as pretty West of Mars? (okay, bad joke. Sorry.)

    I love poinsettias. I’d never known they came in so many cultivars; thanks for teaching me about them!

    Merry Christmas!

  3. Lovely! Who’da guessed there were so many varieties? I bought one for my mil this season that was painted and glittered –it was purple and she absolutely loved it. I have never been able to keep them alive, and gave up years ago, but I sure enjoy looking at them!

  4. Oh my they are gorgeous. I thought there were only two kinds of poinsettias: red and white. Haha! This post was really informative. Thanks for showing the beautiful range of poinsettias.

    And by the way, are they poisonous?

    Happy TT!

  5. I have not been to Molbak’s…..I go to Watson’s close to me..and I have seen Cisco do his thing in person…it was so fun…the Poinsettias look beautiful

  6. These were wonderful!! And I didn’t keep poinsettas because I thought they WERE poisonous to my cats!!
    Great photos and info — thanks and happy TT!

  7. The last Christmas I spent with the grandparents, my aunt, grandmother, etc. all were given beautiful poinsettia hanging baskets that were worth a good $75. One day while we were all out shopping my grandfather planed every one of them!

    The Pink Flamingo

  8. What an amazing (and beautiful!) TT, lucky me I get to see all this! had no idea there were so many different kinds, love the Merlot one, I got one of those last Christmas.

    Happy TT and merry Xmas!

  9. Oooh, very nice! We still have a very healthy strawberries and cream poinsettia from last year–the first time EVER that one’s survived a whole year in our house!

  10. Great list. Gorgeous pictures. Surprisingly, I’ve never heard about them being poisionous to humans only to animals. And because my fatboy has a habit of sticking things in his mouth I’ve never had one in the house with him.

    Happy TT!

  11. They are just gorgeous! One of my favorite flowers. I actually saw purple ones at Walmart this year. How they did that, I don’t know. When we went to Hawaii at Christmas time, we would walk all over the hotels lobbies. They had incredible displays made with pointsettias.

  12. Ah, Molbaks, the mecca for NW gardeners. They have some lovely pointsettias in the decorations at the Salish this year.

    Thanks for the tour of my backyard, so to speak. I’m in SE King co. 🙂

  13. The Strawberries & Cream one is pretty fun but the red ones are still my favourite. Very interesting to read about the history of them and thanks for clearing up the poison myth.

  14. ellen, I am speechless! Your post is so beautiful and so much work! Poinsettias are my favorite! Thanks so much for posting all the beautiful flowers. Thanks for visiting my TT post.
    Come visit my other blog for Christmas hugs: http//

  15. I never knew there were so many different kinds out there they are all beautiful I may have to take a drive up to Woodinville just to see that its very beautiful Happy TT & Happy Holidays-

  16. Wow… I figurd there were a few more varieties than what they had at the Grocery store… but I had no idea. The shapes of the “petals” are a lot more varried than I thought too.

  17. Wow! You have a lot of comments. I liked the article you linked to. The pictures of the poinsettias were all gorgeous! I had no idea there were that many varieties.

  18. Lol, yes, Molbaks! We’ took a wonderful walk through the nursery last year at this time. Thanks for posting all these amazing photos.

    Blessings, e-Mom @ Chrysalis

  19. Thank you! My grandmother lives in Mexico, and has poinsettas growing in her backyard! I’m just happy to have the 2 I’ve kept alive from last year, and my new one from this year on my desk.

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