Scary Windy Ferry Ride on Puget Sound

On Thursday October 18th Western Washington was hit with a 50+ MPH wind storm. These Issaquah 130 Class Ferries are over 300 feet long and 78 feet wide and weigh in at 2477 tons unloaded…

I understand that the ferry system adjusted their runs after this and ran half empty the rest of the night.

These amazing photos were taken by Ross Fotheringham…

Now this October Windy Puget Sound Ferry Ride must have been exciting.

My girlfriend Beth forwarded these photos and she was actually on a ferry on that same night…

Hi Beth! If I reported anything wrong let me know 🙂

Oh and I do not know who to give credit to for these photos. I hope the Blog Police don’t find me…oops the blog police found me…credits are given below and under the photos…

ht: photos  Ross Fotheringham

8 thoughts on “Scary Windy Ferry Ride on Puget Sound

  1. This is scary… The ferry between Malta and Gozo (20 mins crossing) wouldn’t run half empty after that kind of run – it would stop the service altogether!

    We had very similar weather last weekend, and the ferry did stop working Sunday evening…

  2. Yikes! I remember it being windy, but I didn’t see that. I’m glad that there is the ferry system, but on days like that I’m also glad that we don’t depend on it either!

  3. Wow, what a ride! I can’t imagine being on a ferry in those winds.

    What a day that was. The winds weren’t as strong as past storms, but many of the gusts were pretty powerful.

  4. I finally figured out that this is your blog. 🙂

    So I suppose you vividly remember the Whittier quake of 1987? That was pretty scary and we were all the way up in Northridge.

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