Thursday Thirteen #4 ~ Photos of Crosses

  11 of these photos were taken in Great Britain, (oops one is a duplicate) the upper left hand corner photo is from Ireland.

My thirteenth cross photo is of a cool frame that I bought at Goodwill a while back. That’s Dear and I at one of our favorite water front restaurants in the Seattle area called Palisade.

Happy TT everyone… for more TT go here.

39 thoughts on “Thursday Thirteen #4 ~ Photos of Crosses

  1. Oh, how I’d love to go to Great Britain again, and to discover Ireland… Great pics, I like the Celtic crosses the best.
    Thanks for visiting my Yeats TT!

  2. great pictures, as always. but i don’t understand the ”whither thou goest” reference. and how much did you pay for that frame? ignore me if you want and i won’t mind…let’s go to Palisade when you get home…love you as always.

    Jody, You’re the last person I want to ignore… I’ll email you and what a great idea to go to Palisade…. Love you dearly….

  3. Those are some awesome pictures of crosses! And the photo frame is too cute. I’ve been to lots of cemeteries and the ones that seem to be the most decorated with crosses are the Catholic and Lutheran churches. I may be wrong but those are most of the ones I’ve been to. My TT # 10 is up. Happy TT!

  4. I love those pictures! It is my greatest dream to travel there and see some myself. That frame, WOW, what a find!

    Happy TT

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