WFMW ~ Do you Pay your Bills Online?




To Pay Or Not to Pay?

So I’d like some convincing on why I should be paying my bills online.

Do you pay your bills online? Why/Why not?

Have you had any problems with online bill paying?

Has any of your information ever been compromised?

Anyway thanks for any help/encouragement you can give me as I’m sitting on the fence and need to be convinced to jump.

Muchas Gracias Amigas!!!

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24 thoughts on “WFMW ~ Do you Pay your Bills Online?

  1. On line – so easy. Press of one button and all my bills are paid. Switching over to auto payments this month and I won’t even have to press a button. Have not had any issues at all. Love it! I haven’t had to reorder checks in ages!

  2. I have been using online bill pay with Washington Mutual for about 6 years now and have no problems at all! Any errors that have occurred have been my fault (not paying attention to payment initiation date – the date the money will be debited from your account to go to payee). I do pay a few accounts directly on their own site, but 90% of my bills I pay online. I only write 3 checks a month now! It works great with a computer money program (like a check register on your computer) as you can download (super easy) and import your banking activity into your register and not have to enter every little starbucks receipt and happy meal run. I love it and couldnt live without it! Well, I could…. but I sure would be bouncing checks and forgetting to pay bills.

  3. Do it! You’ll save time, save stamps, won’t have to worry about it getting lost in the mail…the benefits outweigh any drawbacks.

    Just be sure you’re entering financial info on the correct site (always type it in yourself, never click a link from an e-mail, for example).

  4. I’ve used online billpay through USBank for about 2-3 years and I love it. So easy. There’s a time investment in the first place getting it all set up but after that it’s a whiz. I’ve also only had one late payment with the billpay and they took care of the late charges. You’ll probably love it!

  5. I’ve been doing online billpay for about a year now. I first signed up because we didn’t have a good, single location to keep the paper bills, and it seemed like it would be a lot less work to do it online.

    I’ve not had any problems. The learning curve was a little steep. If your bank offers a “tour” or training option, I’d suggest you do that. I spent the first couple of months just figuring out how the whole thing worked.

    I’ve never had any problem with security issues.

    Bill paying has gotten A WHOLE LOT FASTER! The only tricky part now is keeping up with the bills that don’t offer a paper-free option. I only have 2-3 bills like that, however, so it’s a lot less to keep track of than the 10-15 it used to be.

  6. LOVE LOVE LOVE paying bills on line! I’ve been doing it for years as well and never had any problems. But even if you did it would be up to the financial institution to make amends and they are good about it. I like it because I just put my bills in my file and on desk day I just load them into the computer and give them a due by date, then I don’t have to think about it again. Paid. I cannot remember the last time I have written a check for bill paying.

    I say, give it a try! You will soon be hooked at all the time it frees up.

  7. I’ve done it for years now through my bank’s site. LOVE IT! I love that I can schedule payments in advance, so I don’t “forget.” For example, I set my electric bill to pay each month what it usually is. That way, even if the amount isn’t right, something is paid (ideally when I get my bill, I go in and change it to the right amount).

    It’s quicker and you don’t have to have a stamp.

  8. Love it! I was unsure at first on whether I would be able to keep track of everything but have found it easier since I use automatic payment for my recurring bills and so have only a few bills to pay each month and the tracking is much easier.

  9. Do you pay your bills online? Why/Why not?

    Have you had any problems with online bill paying?

    Has any of your information ever been compromised?

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE paying bills online now. I don’t have near the paper clutter that I use to have. They keep records that you can print online if you need them. Never had problems or compromised info. (Commerce Bank)

    Between online bill pay, direct deposit, & my debit card, I go to the bank maybe couple times a year.

  10. Online.

    I’ve not had any problems.

    My info has not been compromised at all.

    And one thing I do to make sure that I pay on time is that I set calendar with bill pay reminders a 5 days before they’re due so that I don’t have any late payments.


  11. I pay all my bills online through my banks free bill pay service. Just put in all my bills and it either pays them online or sends a check when I want it to. Some bills that are always the same exact amount, like mortgage, insurance, loan payments, etc are set to come out automatically each month so I don’t even have to worry about them, the rest like utilities I just wait until I have all the bills then enter them in the bill pay and set the day I want them paid. It’s so easy! Plus I don’t have to spend money on stamps or go to all the online business sites to make payments, just one place on my bank account and it’s all taken care of. I have never had problems with it or with my information being compromised since it’s on my bank’s secure site.

  12. Hate to rain on a parade but I have had a few issues with online bill pay but it might be me, it might be my bank.
    1) It takes FIVE DAYS from the time I click to the time my bill is paid. It is frankly faster to mail them.
    2) I tried to set up an auto-pay and it did not work. Most companies were very nice about removing the “blip” from my account as I normally do pay on time. The kicker? It did not work the 4th month! It worked the first three, then stopped. I never had the patience to hang on the phone with computer support to fix it.
    3) Many companies but not all are “automatically” there on my bank’s list. Some critical ones (like my Target card) I had to add myself. Those seem to be a little less reliable to me, I think because my bank actually has to create a check that they themselves mail. At least they do the work and pick up the stamp but I think this is a big part of the delay.
    All of these issues could be fixed if I changed my banking ways. But I have everything set up to fit my pay schedule (once a month, last day of the month, so all bills are due between 10-15 of the month so I have some grace period for myself).
    I adore direct deposit. I just wish direct bill pay on line were as easy with my bank. (Citizens)
    Good luck! I know others (including your first many commenters) love it!

  13. Yes! Online all the way! My bank has a bill pay feature available, but I prefer to visit each company’s direct site and pay through there. I’ve never had a problem–when I used checks, there were quite a few instances of slow mail time and lost payments. I don’t have to buy stamps, and I don’t even receive paper statements anymore for most of my bills. It seriously cuts out paper clutter!

  14. I pay as many online as I can, which is almost everything. It has never been compromised (my info). Its so easy, fast, and sometimes places even send you reminders! Plus, you can eliminate receiving a paper bill….and view it all online! I would recommend it, personally!

  15. I’ve been using WaMu’s online bill-pay for years now and I LOVE it! I can pay all my bills from one page: just type in the amounts and click “submit”. So easy. I’ve never had a problem with personal information being compromised.

    One caveat: pay attention to the fact that the payee won’t actually get the money until a few days AFTER you initiate payment. Just be sure to start the process a few days before the bill is actually due.

  16. Even us old folks do some on-line bill paying!!! I pay all our utilities on line – love it . I don’t even own checks to my account or get paper statements. My husband still does (as they say) old-school check writing!

  17. Well, now you know, and so do I. Thank you for the question and thank you for all your answers. I don’t know about you Ellen, but I’m going to start!!

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