Sunset to Sunset in the Glorious Northwest

Our dear friends Dave and Jody hosted a wonderful early birthday celebration for Dear with our family and our closest friends on Thursday evening. We gathered at their home on the beautiful Puget Sound and at Sunset began a wonderful meal that Jody prepared for us.

This is a view from the dining room…

The guest of honor with daughter Katie

Dear’s birthday cake was a pudding trifle made with pound cake, strawberries, vanilla pudding, whip cream, with a little Amaretto and Brandy. Decorations on top were with fresh blackberries growing wild in our yard.

Our son Dan, his girlfriend Sarah, and our daughter Katie

Our daughter in law Laura, our son Josh and Lana G! my sister

Two of Dave and Jody’s daughters, Bridget and Lucy

My dear friends and walking buddies Jody and Jan

Dinners done and it’s time for cake (trifle)

Dear takes a deep breath and….

Success! Every candle is blown out! Another glorious evening of food, fun, and fellowship at the home of hospitality.

Sunrise the following morning and last day of August.

I visited Katie at her job for a surgical practice. She had great news this week because she was accepted to the University of Washington, Bothell campus. So she will be finishing her last 2 years of college at her father’s alma mater. Go Huskies!

 Waiting for the sun to set on the Last day of August on Lake Washington. Waiting for the Sun to set…

Have a wonderful Labor Day Weekend and beginning of September!

8 thoughts on “Sunset to Sunset in the Glorious Northwest

  1. well, I guess now I know how Lana G found me! heeeheehee.
    Glad that Dear had a great birthday…how bout you send some of that trifle down to Texas??

    Blackberries are very special to me!!

    You mention going back and forth a lot…do you have two houses?? or commute for work??

    happy Labor Day

    Mighty Mom, Boy there was enough trifle to send some down! 🙂 Dear and I have our home in Washington and now we have a small condo in So. Cal. because he is working full-time there. We spend most vacations and other long weekends in Washington…

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog!
    Funniest thing…I was looking at trifle recipes (for using a pund cake I baked yesterday) on-line just now, and decided to stop by your blog, what do I find…photos of a summer fruit trifle! LOL!
    More sychronicity!
    The photos are wonderful the party must have been delightful!

    Hi Lila, I love it when that happens (synchonicity), too. Blessings…

  3. I just love birthday celebrations with the whole family. Your birthday trifle looks really yummy. (or should I say looked really yummy).

    Happy Labor Day weekend.

    Hi Lovella, thank you and blessings on you…

  4. What a wonderful party and you need to share that cake recipe! You have a beautiful family. My hubby you to live in your neck of the woods umpteen years ago. He loved it and wants to take me there for a vacation. I do think it would be a lot of fun.


    Hi Kathleen, thanks for stopping by and commenting. I’ll have to come up with a recipe to share cuz this time it was a throw together hodgepodge 🙂

  5. Birthday greetings to Dear. And, I must say, what a fabulous birthday “cake” that is! Nothing better, in my mind, than all that cream and fruit and pudding and cake – with a little Amaretto and Brandy flavoring! Yum.

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