5 Things Meme

Bee from Will Blog for Shoes tagged me for a 5 Things Meme. Thanks Bee!

5 things I want to do before I die:
1. Love Jesus more than I love myself.
2. Keep extra weight off.
3. Go to Disneyland with Grandchildren.
4. Be debt free.
5. Eat at Ina Garten’s house. (Barefoot Contessa)

5 things I can do:
1. Clean a toilet really good!
2. Cook for a crowd.
3. Mow the Lawn.
4. Balance a checkbook.
5. Sing harmony.

5 things I cannot do:
1. Advanced math.
2. Repair automobiles.
3. Express myself well verbally.
4. Write poetry or sometimes understand poetry…
5. Swallow big pills.


The last two are suppose to be 5 things I find attractive in a man and 5 celebrities I have a crush on. Sorry Bee, but I’ve got to cop out and do these instead…

5 things I want to experience.
1.The Holy Spirit filling a gathering like a mighty rushing wind!
2. An Irish Pub Crawl with traditional Irish music, in Ireland.
3. A Soccer game in England.
4. A Passion Live Concert.
5. A French meal in France.


5 things I want to see:
1. Hobbiton in New Zealand.
2.The Fall Colors in New England.
3. Ireland
4. Gardens in full bloom in England.
5. Red Square in Moscow.

I’m going to leave this Tag open to anyone who would like to play. Feel free to do the original 5. Let me know if you do. Blessings!


8 thoughts on “5 Things Meme

  1. John,
    Wordpress really has it out to get you. I’m glad I could retrieve these before they went into the land between times….

  2. Is Hobbiton really in NZ? I thought they tore it down after they finished filming the movie. Or do you just mean the countryside?

    Hi Leslie, They’ve dismantled most of it but there are some things remaining. So I’d love to see the countryside and whatever is left from the set…

  3. Fun fun!

    I just checked out my first Barefoot Contessa cookbook from the library…. oh my are we eatin’ good these days! I’d always assumed her stuff was too complicated for me!

    Thanks for playing!

    Bee, As you have found out her stuff isn’t too complicated and worth any extra effort cuz it seems to always turn out good! blessings…

  4. Sorry I’m not playing -not in print anyway- But Ellen, I have to ask after reading your 5 can does. . . . . were you fixing a dinner for a crowd when you went out to mow your lawn w/ your apron on? 🙂 Mowing the lawn would be on my list too. Your lists put a smile on my face — even at 1:49am Eastern time!

    M Lou, Good catch on spotting the apron. I use that to keep my pruners, cell phone (just in case I run over my toe with the lawnmower, then I can call 911!) Actually after a day of mowing we all go out to eat!!

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