WFMW ~ Parenting Tip ~


I’m in the season of life where my children have become adults. So this is a tip for you to tuck away and pull out someday soon…because the years do fly and your little ones get to the age where they can drive away from you. I decided that if it’s good enough for Job to do I can do it, too. Remember Job in the Bible, the guy that God calls blameless and upright and one who feared God? You know what he did for his kids after they were partying  feasting for several days? He would consecrate them and offer burnt offerings for them. Well we don’t do the burnt offerings anymore and I haven’t seen many consecrations but I can pray for them and ask God to have mercy on them. This is what I do. I even say to God sometimes, “Your servant Job called upon you on behalf of his children, I’m doing the same thing, Lord, please forgive them and have mercy on them and on all of us.” I sometimes go and put my hand on the door of their room while they are still sleeping and pray for them and ask God to bless them. This works for me because I need to give my children to God and leave them in God’s hands trusting Him to complete the work He started in them.

Now for more tips and what works for others go to Rocks in my Dryer…  and come back Monday July 23rd for the Huge Dog Days of Summer Bloggy Give-aways!!!



15 thoughts on “WFMW ~ Parenting Tip ~

  1. Love this idea! My kids are all out of the house now, but I can still do this.


    Kat, Blessings on your empty nest and aren’t you glad we can pray to a God of mercy and grace…

  2. I love that I can still put may hands on my children and pray for them each night while I cuddle them! Thanks for the tips on what to do when these precious days pass.

    Miss M, Enjoy this stage in you little ones lives…

  3. That’s lovely … I especially like how you’ll touch the door, being especially mindful and not distracted as you pray for them.

    Hi Jen, blessings on you…

  4. This is a wonderful parenting tip, Ellen! We have morning and evening prayer time here. And mealtimes too, of course!


    Hi Kelli, Blessings on you 🙂

  5. Wonderful idea. They do grow up so fast. Mine are 22, 19, and 13. They’re facing so many major decisions. Even after they move out, jobs, marriages, homes, grandkids — they’ll always need us to pray for them.

    Barbara, So true, we never out grow the need for prayer and the need to pray. I need all the reminders I can get to be diligent! Blessings…

  6. Yes, yes, yes! So true. My son is 29, and out of the house for several years now, but I have done this many times in the past, and still do, though I can’t touch the door anymore. It is so true about needing to give them to God and trusting them into His hands…. I guess we never stop praying for our children, even after they are adults with kids of their own.

    Sara, Amen and amen!

  7. This is a precious parenting tip. Inexhaustible prayers to an inexhaustible God–that’s a blessing to be given and received.

    Elle, Thanks for the inexhaustible description, keep asking…

  8. Hi Ellen,
    I’ve done this when my “oldest” comes home for visits. He is quiet and I don’t know the details of what to pray for in his life, so I place my hand on his door while he’s in his old bedroom. I like the Job connection. Thanks, dear friend.

    Jeanie, your very welcome…

  9. Great insight and suggestion. I’ve prayed for everything else and this is a great addition.

    Hi Kathy, blessings…

  10. Oh Ellen. I fear the days when my children are of “feasting” age. It scares the hell out of me. Thank you for reminding me of Job. Thank you for reminding me to keep praying, and to let Him finish His work in them. Great insight.

    Hi Becky, It is scarey but God is good!

  11. this is great! Thanks for sharing. When Sonshine was newborn I couldn’t sleep for FEAR. I started saying a prayer every time I put him to bed. Dear God, Please send angels to watch over my bab(ies) and keep them safe tonight. Amen. It was the first prayer he learned and today we say it together. 🙂

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