Classy Floor Scrubbing ~ Go Ahead Laugh!

 Because I don’t want to take myself too seriously I took this picture of me getting ready to wash my kitchen floor today.  I already posted one Works for me Wednesday idea but I’m including this one because I was inspired by Kim’s light hearted posts these past few days…


 Classy don’t ya think? Got my flannels on, my Uggs, my 3 pocket apron which by the way is a wonderful cleaning aid. I keep all purpose rags in one pocket, dust rags in another and window/mirror cleaning rags in the third. Never mix your bleachy cleaners with your ammonia cleaners! You’ll die! Well back to the floor. Yep I’m gonna wash it by hand on my knees. These garden knee pads work great. I’ve got a big vinyl floor. Here’s the next handy dandy tip. See photo below…


That my friends is a scraper. If you don’t need one of these when you’re washing your floor, your family doesn’t spill as much as mine, or you wash your floor more often than I do.  You know those caked on spills that are hard to scrub off with a rag. The scraper gets those spills off lickity split. Make sure you scrape at an angle and it will work nicely.

MORE tips at Rocks In My Dryer

11 thoughts on “Classy Floor Scrubbing ~ Go Ahead Laugh!

  1. Unlike our friend Kim, I’m not laughing at all, I’m speechless! I’m serious about floor-scrubbing too, and I can tell you’re an expert. Therefore, I’d like you to put ME in line ahead of Kim and get to my floor FIRST. Besides, I am so, so certain that mine need it WAY more than Kim’s.
    I have my own scraper, so you won’t need to bring one with you.
    Thanks, and see ya soon…

    Rosemary, Expert, serious…:) I’d have to do it way more often than I do to qualify. Blessings…

  2. AWESOME! Love it Ellen! You could also do what I do… take a very part time job to pay for someone to come and clean! I’d rather spend a few hours making newsletters than cleaning! Lot of love to you! – M

    Michelle, Glad you got a kick out of it. blessings.

  3. such fun, I was just looking at knee pads in the garden store yesterday for just the same thing.
    My knees have never been pretty and there is no point in having them ache to boot.
    Just popped by to check your borscht recipe again, my bones are simmering in the pot.

    Lovella, I can almost smell that borsch cooking. Enjoy!

  4. Ellen
    Thanks for stopping by my blog. You’re always welcome.
    I thought I’d pay a visit to yours and I’m glad I did. Love your humor girl! Great ideas too!

    Hi Kat, blessings on you…

  5. The scraper is a great idea – thanks for the tip and the laugh!
    P.S. Your floor looks clean enough to eat off of!

    Joo, I’m happy to oblige 🙂

  6. haha! Well, I have carpet so I can ignore all the junk that falls on my floors, or sweep it up with a vacuum! 🙂 And I think you look awesome! lol

    Lawanda, I’m happy your are contented with your carpet and that I made you laugh!

  7. Wow, you are a much more dedicated cleaner than I am. Good job! I love your scraper idea.

    Overwhelmed, by all means, get a scraper! Thanks for your comment. blessings…

  8. I just have to say I stand in awe of your dedication to clean floors. Let’s just say my dedication lies elsewhere, somewhere, anywhere else! HA! I think the Ugg boots are my favorite touch…

    Lisa, ahh yes, the Uggs. Now about dedication believe me mine lies elsewhere, also. 🙂

  9. I love your cleaning outfit, Ellen! I’ll bet your floor is sparkling clean when you get done with it!!

    Kelli, It is nice to take it all in when I’m finished…blessings.

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